About Metropolitan GetUp

Metropolitan GetUp is an innovative digital insurance business within the Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Group of Companies.

Driven by consumer insights, the business was established in 2019 to serve digitally savvy South Africans with convenient solutions to address their unique financial and lifestyle needs.


Through their online coaching, Life Hacks and financial services solutions they help clients get into the driving seat of their lives.

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GetUp Atom


It all starts with an atom. Often described as the start of something bigger, we see Metropolitan GetUp Atom in the same way. It is the foundation of effective lifelong protection for yourself and your family. This brand new one-stop funeral solution protects you, your family and extended family, whilst offering so much more.


Simply subscribe to Metropolitan GetUp Atom once and get instant access to cover benefits, Life Hacks, rebates, cashback and so much more. Once a Metropolitan GetUp Atom client, always a client - without ever having to apply again.


Not only can you adapt your cover as your needs and personal circumstances change, but you also don't lose your cover during tough times. To keep your plan active, we reduce your cover if you can't pay and increase your cover when you are able to pay again.


The best part? You pay for what you need, and you only pay one premium for all the benefits that you have with us.

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